About Me

The thing I love the most about front-end: I get to learn new ways of doing things all the time! That's how I learned Functional Programming and, more recently with the discovery of Cyclejs, Reactive Programming. It has completely changed the way I think about UI and, I believe, made me a better developer.

I love learning but I also love teaching. That is why I often give talks in conferences and teach JavaScript to students at the University.


Professional Status




Front End Developer @ DoYouBuzz

Since September 2012
Responsibilities completed
  • I drove the complete refactoring of doyoubuzz's front end, based on a MVC framework (Angular) with modularity in mind.
    This allowed us to iterate faster on the different evolutions of our editor
  • I am the only front-end developer here, at doyoubuzz, so when I take a decision, I am, pretty much, alone with it. Some decisions I made were bad and I learned a lot from it, some were good and I also learned from it :)
  • I set up a Continuous Integration server (based on Atlassian Bamboo) to automatically test any functional update we make and be more confident when we release.